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Neuropsychological Evaluations

Dr. Murphy specializes in providing comprehensive neuropsychological assessment evaluations for patients with a variety of neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions. These evaluations consist of a neuropsychological interview with the patient, consultation with family members, caregivers, and/or providers, and formal neuropsychological assessment. Following conclusion of the evaluation, once the neuropsychological report is completed by Dr. Murphy, the patient, family members, caregivers, and/or providers are provided with an appointment to discuss the results, impressions, and recommendations generated. Click here for a list of common neuropsychiatric and neurologic conditions which may benefit from a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.

Capacity Evaluations

Capacity to make decisions may come into question when there is Major Neurocognitive Disorder (formerly termed "dementia") or other neuropsychiatric impairment. Dr. Murphy offers thorough, impartial capacity evaluations to help answer questions about capacity to manage finances, make medical decisions, or live independently. If recommended, the results of this evaluation may be used to assist in filing for conservatorship or guardianship. 

Learning Disorder Evaluations

When a student is struggling in school, a learning disorder evaluation may be warranted to help identify the student's strengths and weaknesses and better inform the learning plan. The evaluation can be comprehensive or focused on a single issue. Dr. Murphy can provide the learning disorder evaluation at any time point, the school does not have to request the evaluation if done privately, and the testing results are not shared with the school unless explicitly requested by you. Learning disorder evaluations conducted by Dr. Murphy will evaluate for common and uncommon learning issues, including Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Specific Learning Disorders (SLDs) with Impairments in Mathematics (Dyscalculia), Written Expression, or Reading (Dyslexia), Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dysgraphia), to name a few. Results of the learning disorder evaluations will include recommendations in light of specific strengths and weaknesses and will suggest ways to support optimal learning.

School Admission IQ Testing

As part of the private or independent school admissions process, IQ testing may be required. Dr. Murphy provides the required IQ testing. These assessments are typically completed in an appointment lasting only a couple of hours. After the assessment is complete, Dr. Murphy will provide a report summary. Dr. Murphy is also available for feedback to discuss the results with the student and family. 

Second Opinion Consultation

Aside from provision of neuropsychological assessment, Dr. Murphy is available for second opinion consultation. She frequently reviews prior assessments (both from raw data and finalized report format) completed by another psychologist, neuropsychologist, educational psychologist, or other provider. Dr. Murphy is a specialist in Neuropsychological Second Opinion Evaluations in order to assess for possibility of "difficult to diagnose" or "missed" diagnoses. In addition to serving as a consulting provider, supervisor, and reviewer for other neuropsychological evaluations in hospitals to ensure quality of care, Dr. Murphy's training stems from one of three VA hospitals in the entire VA Health Care System across the United States that serves as a second opinion multi-disciplinary clinic for difficult to diagnose, medically unexplained, or otherwise potentially misdiagnosed neurobehavioral disorders. These were well-known to be the most challenging neurobehavioral diagnostic cases across the VA system. 

She also reviews IEE, IEP, and 504 Plans, to ensure these are adequate in light of the psychoeducational testing completed by another provider.

Public and Private Speaking Events

Dr. Murphy is excited about utilizing her research-based content knowledge of neuropathology, neuroscience, and neuropsychology to make this expertise available to our communities (in public or private sectors, both locally and nationally). In addition to her vast presentation experience at professional neuropsychology and psychology conferences and in non-psychology health settings, Dr. Murphy has spoken at educational institutions, parent groups, retreats for veterans and service members and their families, and to non-mental health care providers within the medical system.


Over the past several years, Dr. Murphy was also invited to speak with numerous publicly and privately funded companies both in Silicon Valley and nationally. Most notably, Dr. Murphy has been especially interested in helping companies to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction (thereby reducing turnover) through encouraging better work-life balance during the pandemic's Work From Home (WFH) culture. Dr. Murphy also incorporates her experience in neuropsychological rehabilitation in order to inform evidence-based practices to enhance attention and organizational skills in the workplace or educational system based on individual learning styles. 

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Therapy

Dr. Murphy also provides neuropsychological rehabilitation therapy to patients to help strengthen the recommendations that are generated from the neuropsychological evaluation or learning disorder evaluation. Dr. Murphy will use the data in the report to help the patient to develop specific compensatory strategies based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Note, due to high demand for assessment services, Dr. Murphy is not providing individual neuropsychological rehabilitation therapy at this time. 

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